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Web development trends yearly shifting but the chief must be familiar with them for a least two main reasons – strengthen their expertise and be competitive in increasing market.

we estimate market orders in several domains of the best IT companies in Jaipur and assemble for you the best web trends list below:

1. Progressive web Apps (PWA)

It is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Assembly. it drives the web forward by bringing website surfing closer to native mobile applications.

you can comfort your customer’s lives due to the PWA advantages : 

  • security
  • cost-effectiveness
  • easier maintenance
  • SEO friendliness
  • elasticity 

Samples of famous PWA users 

Here, are some of the examples of world-known businesses that used the PWD latest Web Development technology and increase their income 

  • Before the execution of PWA Alibaba’s conversion increased to 76%.
  • Twitter Lite was also implemented PWA. it led the number of tweets to increase up to 75% after 20% of lowering bounce rate.
best web development services in jaipur
web application trends in action 

Technology to use and develop on PWA 

If you want to follow the recommendation of the latest web development trends and build a PWA,

here is the list 

  • LIT

According to our experience, developing new technologies for web development takes up to 5x lesser time than developing a native app. when it comes to changing websites into PWAs, the time for this kind of web development services in Jaipur  may importantly reach.

How PWA may improve your business site 

Increasing brand awareness

stay in touch with clients 

save money on ads campaigns

2.Accelerated mobile pages (AWP) 

Google originally announce the project of Accelerated mobile pages (AWP) in 2015 .it was a new technology in web development that boosts website load instantly and works very smoothly across mobile devices. AMP pages are load time up to 2 seconds vs non -AMP pages are about 22 seconds. these days AWP technology has transformed, ranking algorithms are also changed. it helps the pages could increase the website’s visibility and stand into higher positions in SERP. this new technology of web development qualities becomes more powerful for new ports, lightweight website versions, catalog sites, and effectively speeds up the site work.

best web development companies in jaipur

3.Responsive Websites 

In 2022 new technologies of web development like PWA and AMP, such corresponding old ones as responsive web design are still on.

As most of the end-user prefers mobile devices, google plan to execute mobile-first indexing among the trend of web development. the ranking of a website depends on how successfully it is adapted for mobile devices.

best web development services in Jaipur
Responsive Website

Famous companies using Responsive Web App Trends 

SHOPIFY – Shopify looks after the common user experience across all devices with the help of PWA.

SLACK –  Slack is always engaging with new web development and also using time-proven trends like single-column layout mobiles.

Dribble –  its flexible grid is one of the web technology trends as responsive design.

Tools for responsive design 

  • Webflow 
  • Bootstrap
  • Imagify
  • Origami Studio

Tips of Responsive Website 

  • The simplicity trends 
  • The smart scroll 
  • Dark mode standardization 

4. Voice Search Optimization

Another most fantastic feature of web technology you can’t ignore is voice assistants (or just making fun).

according to stats. up to 55% of household equipment will have voice assistants, so this web development trend 2022 should be taken into your SEO and business strategy.

best web development companies in Jaipur
Voice Search statistics

5.API- First development 

API development is often overlooked when a company’s primary goal is to create a web\mobile application.it is current trends in website development put forward to be well-prepared for connectivity with other applications .and that is why the API- first programming trend originates. 

API – First workflow is well -know web development technology for its simultaneousness. no team member has to wait for others to finish their job .they divide their job into two-part – front end team and back -end team.

All customized apps are always built using an API-first approach, according to the trends of website development 2022 to let developers interact with your app easier.

best web development companies in Jaipur
API-First Development

The technology used in API 

Here are some of the famous choices for API- first design:

  • swagger
  • API Blueprint 

6. Push Notification

let’s talk about the push notification in the latest technologies trend in web development, these a brief messages that appear on a user’s device screen to encourage them to take forward. it is used in web apps to provide various types of information to end-users.

Functions performed by push notification

  • offering updates in real-time mode
  • retaining clients
  • making the users engages in site use 

Tools to use 

some of them listen below;

  • Onesignal
  • PushBots
  • VWO Engage 

Samples of push notifications 

  1. Starbucks – Starbucks offers customers tasty treats and rewards for using the app. this way, push messaging helps the company gain profit.
  2. The Bump – it makes pregnancy delightful by sending funny and entrancing push notifications to women that use it.
best web development companies in Jaipur
Push Notification


  • Plan a messaging strategy
  • write pushes carefully
  • prioritize
  • choose appropriate timing

7.Dark Mode Standardization 

The most valuable trend that cares about people’s health. A Dark Mode feature is a UI option for devices like smartphones and laptops, that allow an end- user’s to read the content written in light characters on a dark background 

Here are some benefits,

  • low-light conditions
  • less ‘blue light’
  • ability to minimize eye strain and dryness
  • less energy-consuming
web development services in Jaipur
Dark Mode

use samples

Here are the most famous sites that merged dark mode latest technology in their site.

  1.  Facebook messenger
  2. Gmail
  3. Twitter
  4. Slack
  5. Youtube

8. Cybersecurity

The increase of various crimes on the internet. this newest trend in website technology means caring about hardware\software or data safety from cyberattacks. A powerful cybersecurity strategy can give overall security. it is also vital to the state of web development 2022 by preventing cyber threats that try to damage the functioning of a system.

best web development companies in Jaipur

Technology to use 

cybersecurity service providers ( like- Microsoft, cisco, Rapid7, or Fortinet) offer various products and services. here is a list used in the cybersecurity sphere.

  • Firewalls
  • Data Loss Prevention ( DLP)
  • Vulnerability scanners
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

9. Internet Of Things ( IoT)

 One of the internet-connected web technology that refers to linking internet-connected household gadgets technologies. it allows businesses to give their services to use as quickly as possible experience.

here are some of the advantages of trending web development as IOT 

  • Protection and assistance
  • connectivity
  • reliability 
web development services in Jaipur

IoT sample use

Here’s a shortlist of IoT – based technologies:

  • Wearables
  • IoT tracking systems
  • smart cities
  • smart contact lenses


5G, is one of the latest new web technologies that can deliver faster speeds. the potential clients will be able to access your website and browse the numerous products presented on it. 5G is now attempting to determine benefits from this one of the web app trends 2022.

best web development companies  in Jaipur

11. AI-Powered Chatbots 

AI-Powered chatbots development is a fast-evolving industry due to a range of its benefits such as better UX, simple purchasing process, personalization, etc . it makes providing effective day-and-night customer service expensive and requires using the current web technologies. chatbot required automated, real-time client assistance and also provide answers to frequently asked questions, take orders, etc . chatbot  building industry keeps developing.

best web development companies in Jaipur

chatbot use sample

  • Madison Reed
  • Lidle Winebot 

Technology to use 

 There are many framework trends for chatbox building. you can apply the bot building, including 

  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Wit.ai
  • Dialogflow 

12. Motion UI

Every product can be as delightful and attractive with the help of web development new trends. the Motion UI is a great way to attract customers through animations and CSS transitions with them as they choose. it is flexible enough to work with any javascript framework and makes it awesome in various ways. it can help the user navigate the app and it offers a variety of motion designs like advertising banners and inserted videos.

best web development companies in jaipur

13.Single -page Application (SPA)

SPA is the smartest way to create attractive UX. it represents a web page\site or web application that runs absolutely within a browser and fully loaded document. this is one of the trends in web development 2022 which does need any page refreshing during use and the majority of the material remains unchanged. when content has to be changed, the SPA uses Javascript APIs. end-users may view SPA without having to load data from the server. therefore .performance improves and you get the feeling that you are using native software this trend of web technologies provides consumers with a dynamic online experience making customers work quickly and functional.

best web development companies in Jaipur

Sample Use of SPA

Single-page applications, such as Gmail, Facebook, Trello, Google Maps, and more provide an attractive user experience in the browser with no page refreshing.

Summarizing Trends 

let’s revamp and discuss the above. the top web development trends 2022 is the following :

  • progressive web apps ( PWA)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Responsive Website 
  • Optimization for voice search
  • API- first design
  • browser push notification
  • chatbots powered with AI and ML
  • Advanced animation using Motion UI
  • NO-and Low-code development
  • serverless architecture 
  • Dark mode standardization 
  • cybersecurity
  • single -page application (SPA)
  • internet of things (IoT)
  • 5G 

If you are interested to update web product in 2022 go through the trend and think of the most helpful one for you before contacting a web development company in Jaipur 

here, AR info solution brings website development trends. we work with the help of a skilled software development company and have customized solutions of any complexity equipped with new web technologies 2022. we provide various IT services but are not limited to-

  • PWAs for multiple devices like a native app
  • single-page application for quick, responsive, and cross-browser compatible result 
  • Responsive app for Android or ios providing a better mobile experience 
  • legacy web app: cloud migration, software re-architecting, etc

so. we will assist you in building and maintaining the web solution based on the latest trend in web development . to get help from an IT proven expertise and tech contact us. thank you.

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