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Why Facebook Fan Page Is Suggested For grow High Sale Leads for Business In 2022.

Facebook is the most popular social media marketing platform 97% of people use Facebook. IT’s using of personal also for business. it helps to earn money without any investment. so if you want to increase sales lead or Best SMO Services in Jaipur then directly contact us or visit our website. 

NOW, let’s talks about why business need Facebook to generate sales or make brand awareness? 


 what are Facebook pages?

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Popular social Media Platform

Simply to understand Facebook is normally customized by admin they are the voice of business, Admins build a community showcases their brand get attention then find new customers and increase sales for-profit business. you want the best social media marketing services in Jaipur you are in right place to hire us for a high rank on google or earn money through social campaigns. so come on to our topic here are some 

Facebook Pages are categories such as Sales & Marketing, Social Services, Entertainment, Health & Fitness Goods and Services, Travel and a few more. 

NOW WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND BETWEEN TWO OF THEM- Facebook page & Facebook Profile 

1- Facebook profile – we can add only 5000 friends 

Facebook page – we can add or increase countless followers.

2- Facebook profile – we cannot promote our business because of the limitations of people 

Facebook page – we can easily promote our business because countless people are involved in it. 

3-  Facebook profile – if you share the same link constantly in the post of profile then Facebook moderation removes your account. 

Facebook page– On the Facebook page nothing same like or happen on a page means there is no restriction. 


why do we use the Facebook page?

why do we need it?

why do we promote our businesses through the Facebook page?

How do we earn money from Facebook Page?


The simple answer is Facebook is playing a vital role because it is a popular social media platform that helps to generate leads or increase your brand name plus Facebook has almost 2.85 billion active users. 

  1. Sell On Facebook – You can sell your products and services through the Facebook page also you can also book any event, course, or any kind of booking like consultation, etc. This is a very easy process to sell your services. if you want digital marketing services in Jaipur you directly contact us to high-rank visibility on Google
  2. It helps to increase your brand awareness among people or also on Google because Google daily consoles millions of content on Facebook so it is easy to get high rank also helpful for your website 
  3. It also helps to earn money by posting videos on Facebook page with SEO tips and tricks. 
  4. If you have a Youtube channel or blog or any article website then it is easy to get views on it through a Facebook page.
  5. you also link your website on the Facebook page for example if the customer wants to buy any product or service they redirect to your website through a Facebook page and buys the product. It also helps to increase your website traffic and profit for your business.  
  6. Facebook page gave chance to earn money in many ways. you can do freelancing through your Facebook page, make money online free without any investment means if you have a lot of followers on your Facebook page, then you can post other’s posts on your page and you can charge money for it from the publishers.
  7. Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy 
  8. Facebook pages build long-term relationships with audiences which helps long-term, interactive platforms and engaging.
  9. Market Research – Facebook Page insights provide useful analytics for both free and paid posts. it helps to analyze and figures out if you’re targeting the right peoples for your products. Facebook page gives all the information about customers’ ages, races, genders, language, job titles and educational level can help you get a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs interests. 
  10. Facebook helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

so, these were the benefits of a Facebook Page 

hope you like the article. you can get message us if want  SEO services in Jaipur & Facebook ad campaign in Jaipur & wants rank google the first page visit our official website  or contact us. 

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