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If you want the best SEO services in Jaipur. AR Info Solution gives you premium quality of work. We help you to get ranked in first place on Google. Here, we tell you the right way for keyword research in SEO. As SEO helps to get ranking but keyword research is the backbone of the SEO. It helps to get high traffic through keyword rank.

In Short, keyword research helps to analyze which keyword will bring more traffic once it starts ranking.

Always Think of Whenever You Selecting a Keyword :

1- Check selective keyword search volume and its relevant keyword as well.

2- Analyze Search Intent

3- Understand Keyword Type 

4- Keyword Planner Tools 

5- Analyze the Competition

6- Link With Landing Pages of the Website 

Check selective keyword search volume and its relevant keyword 

you always must check the search volume of the keyword and its relevant keyword as well. which helps to know what audiences want and what they find out in your niche. Use only that keyword that has a high search demand keyword. To choose the right keywords with the best results you need to think like your customer.

 That’s why the hiring of Digital Marketing Companies in Jaipur to write your copy can help match your keywords when Google crawls your site. you also check our latest blog on the benefits of hiring a digital marketing company 

Analyze Search Intent

Search intent is a way for you to understand the terms used to describe the purpose of an online search. you need to make sure that your post or blog, page fits the search intent of your audiences. 

There are four types of search intent 

  1. Informational intent – researching a topic of information or reading
  2. Navigational intent – the user wants to find another web page
  3. Transactional intent – the purpose is to buy something at that moment
  4. Commercial investigation – intention to buy and use the web to do their research (desire to make a purchase)

Understand Keyword Type 

There are three types of keyword 

  • Head keywords
  • Body keywords
  • Long Tail keyword

=>Head Keywords are those which targeted global pages. they are one-two word and high on search results like ” Marketing” which google matches 5.59 billion pages.

 =>Body keywords are also known as short-tail keywords are a little longer, usually two to three words like “Digital Marketing company” now display 76 Million results.

=>Long Tail phrases are four or more words. They produce focused results and most people have learned to use them while searching “Digital Marketing Services In Jaipur” which now displays 1 Million results.

As you can guess, it’s very difficult to rank well for head keywords. Yet it’s easier and more productive to concentrate on the long tail.

Keyword Planner Tools

keyword planner tools are the best tip for choosing the right keywords is to know where to begin your research.

Many keyword planner tools help the metric or volume search of the phrase and also show the related keywords of the quires. you any simply log in. Enter a keyword or web address and create your free account for up to 10 queries. The service provides monthly volume metrics and how difficult it will be to rank for that keyphrase.

It’s a detailed report that includes a SERP analysis and organic CTR.

 you want to know about more free tools in detail then check out

Analyze the Competition

The most popular way to discover the best keywords is through your competitors’ websites. Use it to understand their ranking position. Then utilize those findings to help shape your strategy and get help to improve your work.

SEMRush helps in it but it is not free 

that’s why many companies hire IT companies in Jaipur or SEO services companies to do research on them. 

Link With Landing Pages of the Website 

Landing pages display targeted content, so you must optimize them to link with your keyword selection. You need to optimize your landing pages to link with your keyword selection otherwise they won’t work. Your chosen keywords will fit in the page title, headings, and alt image tags. Everything about these should relate to the keywords you want to rank for. To Get to know more about landing pages check out

Why did you choose us for the right keywords in SEO?

We’ve seen that choosing the best keywords will help to get your business website rankings.

You can do some of the research yourself but it takes time, skill, and expertise to get right. That’s why it’s essential to hire the best Digital Marketing Companies in Jaipur if you want to rank on page one.

AR Info Solution is an advanced SEO company that specializes in search engine optimization.

We don’t use automated systems to choose the right keywords for your site. Our work is transparent, meaning you’ll see actual results through your Google Analytics dashboard.

contact us today to discuss your needs in SEO. 


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